Lirik Andezzz - Why Don’t Just

Lirik "Why Don’t Just" dari Andezzz ini dipublikasikan pada tanggal 20 Januari 2011 oleh admin. Lagu ini masih berupa single.


Lirik Lagu Why Don’t Just

Verse 1
You know it's just another cloudy day
Imagine if you got another chance
To make it seem all alright
And give you a light

Why are you putting a frown on your face
Don't let the blue sky turns grey in a snap
Get hold of your life and smile
Your hollow mind gone

(Why don't just)
Breakthrough, inspire
Whatever that makes you up high
Paint your colors and don't look back
Your will makes it all worthwhile

Verse 2
You see it's just another shady day
Imagine if you got the best of you
Everything will seem all alright
Relax and let go

When you wake up and feel a lonely day
Just pictures us in a holiday
Pass yourself some good old times
Throw away all pain


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