Lirik Barry Manilow - All I Need Is The Girl

Lirik "All I Need Is The Girl" dari Barry Manilow ini dipublikasikan pada tanggal 9 February 2012 oleh admin dalam katalog Lagu Barat. Lagu ini masih berupa single.


Lirik Lagu All I Need Is The Girl

Once my clothes where shabby
Tailors called me cabby
So I took a vow
Said this bum'll be Beau Brummell
Now I'm smooth and snappy
Now my tailor's happy
I'm the cat's meow
My wardrobe is a-wow
Paris silk, Harris tweed
There's only one thing I need
Got my tweed pressed
Got my best vest

All I need now is the girl
Got my striped tie
Got my hopes high
Got the time and the place and I got rhythm
Now all I need is the girl to go with 'em
If she'll just appear
We'll take this big town for a whirl
And if she'll say
"My darling, I'm yours," I'll throw away
My striped tie and my best pressed tweed
All I need now is the girl


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