Lirik Barry Manilow - Jump Shout Boogie

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Lirik Lagu Jump Shout Boogie

Well not to long ago in 1944
When every mothers son was goin' off to war
They had to lift there spirits high
For Uncle Sam ,mother hood and apple pie

Instead of spendin' money that they didn't have
In hot spots in the Bronx
They went to here the kind of jazz
You hear in funky hunky tonks

It made you wanna
Jump! shout! knock your self out
The bogie-wogie beat is what I'm talkin' about
If you have the heebie jeebies you can dance away
To the bogie-wogie music the piano man was playin'
And you could jump, shout, knock yourself out
The boogie-woogie beat is what I'm talking about
You could pull a switcheroonie if you felt low down
With the boogie-woogie beat of a piano man who's going to town

It had the kind of rhythm that would fill the hall
The plinkin' and the pluckin' drove 'em off the wall
And they would dance and drink their gin
And when the fuzz, buzzed they joined in
So everybody partied 'till the cows came home
'cause that's what boggie's for
And everynight that dump will jump
And keepem' coming back for more
Because they make you wanna....

It made you wanna jump, shout
Who wanna jump! shout
You wanna jump! shout
To the boogie-woogie music the piano man was playin'
You could jump! shout! knock yourself out
The boogie-woogie beat is what I'm talking about
You could pull a switcharoonie if your felt low down
To the boogie-woogie beat of piano

Shake it yes, yes, yes


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