Lirik Barry Manilow - See The Show Again

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Lirik Lagu See The Show Again

They tell me I'm the man of the hour
Champange all around
It's been so long sence I been alone
Sometimes it gets me down
And you your pretty as a picture
And I don't even know you name
But I sure would like to meet you
Why don't you see the show again

I've been playing these love songs for ever
Some times the words don't make much sinces
So I'm living it all though the music
Even last nights complaments
I've been playing for thousands of people
Some times it just never ends
But the look in your eyes feels so good to me
Why don't you see the show again

God knows there not much I can say
I don't have time for love in my life
But if I ever thought about changing my mind
It might be with you tonight

I've been on the road for so many weeks now
And I'm losing track of time
Trying to make everyone happy
I wonder whats really mine
And you your pretty as as picture
But I don't even know your name
I sure would like to meet you some time
Why don't you see the show agian

Why don't you see the show again
See it only baby
See the show,see the show again
Maybe we can get to know each other better some time


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