Lirik Drive - To Be In Love

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Lirik "To Be In Love" dari Drive ini dipublikasikan pada tanggal 7 October 2011 oleh admin. Lagu ini diciptakan oleh Budi Drive dan ada di dalam album Cahaya Terang yang didistribusikan oleh label Nagaswara.


Lirik Lagu To Be In Love

try your best so you'd feel alright
try your best so you'd get a ride from here
to every where heaven

happiness like a destiny
well I guess it's a mistery for us
For now and ever

And we know what we need
We know everyone would lead
To be in love

Everyone would do anything
Cheating lying and even much worst things
To get a love

Its hard to say that you'd be okay
Hard to say that you find a love that you have dreaming of

Bt we'll do anything
We'll try every single thing
To be in love


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