Katalog Lirik Lagu Mocca

Berikut ini adalah daftar lagu yang pernah dibawakan oleh penyanyi / band Mocca, baik dalam bentuk single maupun album. Klik pada judul lagu yang bersangkutan untuk melihat lirik serta media lain yang berhubungan (video klip, MP3, ringtone, RBT/NSP, dan sebagainya) dengan tembang tersebut, atau klik di sini untuk melihat galeri video artis yang bersangkutan.

Mocca – Butterflies In My Tummy

around inside my tummy / blown by wind of spring / across the room oh this feeling of longing / when I'm with you i see rainbows appearing / across the moon oh this feeling of longing / but damn it's so blinding / i just can't tell / if i feel happy or sad i have butterflies flying

Mocca – Listen To Me

come and sit beside me / i'll tell you everything about me hi honey listen to me carefully / i will be your guiding light stay stay with me / i will be your lover

Mocca – Lucky Me

'cause i know i love you you will always stay when i call you / even in the dark, in rainy night / without your smile / you always stay to walk me by i'm so lucky to have you / without your sentimental live without your love / 'cause i know i love you

Mocca – Hanya Satu

tuk memandang langit biru / hanya sebuah mimpi / di pangkuan ayah dan ibu repeat reff hanya satu pintaku / tuk memandang langit biru

Mocca – Goodnight Song

And don't let the bedbugs bite Just turn off the light / It makes me start to think / Hear sounds of the little fellow / Oh, but I don't know

Mocca – Life Keeps On Running

With my smile and now I'm ready / Or my next step again I know I can't drown forever / I believe that life keeps on turning / Yes, I'm here just to wait and sing.. Loosing you is not the end of the world / A messages has come arriving / And this life keeps on turning?

Mocca – And Rain Will Fall

Why the sun keeps on shining? / That you saved me for later / To wash away my pain inside / All that I need now