Lirik Sheila On 7 - Perfect Time

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Lirik "Perfect Time" dari Sheila On 7 ini dipublikasikan pada tanggal 24 February 2011 oleh admin. Lagu ini diciptakan oleh Adam dan ada di dalam album Berlayar yang didistribusikan oleh label Sony Music.


Lirik Lagu Perfect Time

tonight is the perfect time
pack my things and try
remember all the words that went bad

these hands you should hold
this heart you should keep
let the stars above us replace all the falling tears

* would it be better if we were never near
knowing you more has always been my fear
let's say goodbye to find a better place
before it's too late

there is always a way for love
but sometimes not on the same road
dreaming is the only land fits for you and me

repeat *
repeat reff


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