Lirik Sherina - Here To Stay

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Lirik "Here To Stay" dari Sherina ini dipublikasikan pada tanggal 2 April 2011 oleh admin. Lagu ini masih berupa single.


Lirik Lagu Here To Stay

stop shouting and don't get mad
calm down but don't ever fade
don't you cry, don't lose faith
you've got me so stay calm

what is wrong, it's alright
everything will work out fine
see the sun coming out
take a ride, burn your hate

don't give up cause i am here to stay
stay alive, we will survive
don't hide because i am here to stay
stay alive, we will survive

repeat reff

look at my face one more time
look at your face one more time
tell me that you care
eventhough this is not the last time

repeat reff


repeat reff


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