Lirik Soraya Hylmi feat. Keith Martin - I Give You Me

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Lirik "I Give You Me" dari Soraya Hylmi ini dipublikasikan pada tanggal 20 November 2010 oleh admin. Lagu ini diciptakan oleh Keith Martin dan masih berupa single.


Lirik Lagu I Give You Me

in everyway forever more
i wanna show that i love you more
i make this promise to you

everyday when it's shine
i'm gonna tell the world that you're mine
and i proud to be with you

* i give you me and everything i am
just as i am for all that you are
i give you me and with all my heart
i love you forever i give you me

i just about given up, i didn't think i would fall in love
you opened up my heart yes indeed
you and me have a destiny, used to be me now there's we
you make me so happy

i know (i know) there's a place ...
i knew life has just begun for you and i
i'm sure there's no place i'd rather be
than right here in your arms holding you tight
i give you me

repeat * [2x]

i give you me (give you me, give you me)
everything that i am (everything that i am)
i love you forever, i give you me


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