Lirik Tame Impala - Disciples

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Lirik "Disciples" dari Tame Impala ini dipublikasikan pada tanggal 31 Juli 2015 oleh admin dalam katalog Lagu Barat. Lagu ini diciptakan oleh Kevin Parker dan ada di dalam album Currents yang didistribusikan oleh label Interscope.


Lirik Lagu Disciples

'Cause I was still unsure
But it's something I'm used to
And I can tell by your face
No one's ever been rude to you
But I can tell you things
That I can't say to anyone
And you came out today
But you didn't stay very long

Now it's like the world owes you
Walking around like everybody should know you
I want to be like we used to
But now you're worried 'cause that means we'd lose you
And I had no idea
What that feeling could do to you
And I could tell you've changed
All the people around you
I used to take the long way
Just so I could walk past your door
I used to wait outside
But I guess I won't anymore

So much I want to tell you
So much I want to tell you


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