Lirik Glenn Fredly feat. Red - My Everything

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Lirik Lagu My Everything

My Everything - Glenn Fredly feat. Red

cruising when the sun goes down
i cross the sea
searching for something inside of me

i would find all the lost pieces
hardly feel deep in real
i was blinded now i see

* hey hey hey you're the one
hey hey hey you're the one
hey hey hey i can't live without you

reff: take me to your place
where our heart belongs together
i will follow you
you're the reason that i breath

i'll come running to you
fill me with your love forever
promise you one thing
that i would never let you go
coz you are my everything

you're the one, you're my inspiration
you're the one kiss, you're the one
you're the light that would keep me safe and warm
you're the one kiss, you're the one
like the sun goes down coming from above all
to the deepest ocean and highest mountain
deep and real deeep i can see now

repeat *
repeat reff


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