Katalog Lirik Lagu Present Friends

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Mocca – It’s Over Now

never ever tell me lies / and cheer me up when i am down however that is it / you've got youre world and i've got mine / sorry baby this love is not for you

Mocca – Swing It Bob

will you go and swing along tonight? / just take a step and they'll do the rest / just let it flow..and you will glow / do the tango

Mocca – Buddy Zeus

here you are..but please don't bark / i hope no one sees that thing you don my dear buddy it's time to bath / the suds are up, come on get up / and he's the one that i adore

Mocca – You And Me Against The World

maybe it's our fate / i'm going to shout about it it is you and me against the world / i can do anything / you and me against the world / goodbye to all of our sorrow so let's just put them aside / put all the worries behind us

Mocca – I Would Never

all of them mean more than works can say believe me, as i believe in you i would never run away from you / i would never ever lie to you

Mocca – Friend

it's you! yes, it is true a friend in need is a friend indeed if anyone can fill my world with joy and happiness / always there beside me when i am down / when you're around you light the bulb inside my head / when you're around i wrap my self in a pearly smile